Thursday, December 02, 2010

Everything Is Just Wonderful! - Art Exhibition

4-23 dicembre Berlino

Blissland Project is pleased to host "Everything is Just Wonderful!", a collective exhibition born under the bad influence of John Heartfield.
- Politics is ashaming the world, it's no news. And there is not much we can do. Still, we can laugh about it. John Heartfield/Helmut Harzfeld knew that, and back in the 40's entertained Europe with his amazing and satirical photocollages, striking the regime right in its strictness with a totally peacefulbut dangerous power: the power to ridiculize. -

Vince Van Geffen
Pier Giorgio De Pinto
Ulu Braun
Deena Denaro
Mathias Deutsch

Opening on Saturday, December 4th at h 19.00

Blissland Project
Bornholmer Strasse 8
Prenzlauer Berg, Germany



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